Attached some pics taken at a TEAL apprentices Reunion
sponsored by MOTAT and the Solent Volunteers in 2004.

The first blog for Friends of the Solent Flying Boat 

Here is a short notice from Don Olliff, the organiser of Friends of the Solent Flying Boat:

The original Solent Preservation Society was formed in approx 1982 to retrieve-restore and maintain ZK-AMO and with much of the objectives achieved it was decided to dissolve the Society in 2005.

At that time there was an obvious need for some medium for Retired TEAL Staff of the Solent era to maintain contact and friendship.

To this end the “Friends of the Solent Flying Boat “was instituted and has proved to be very successful. It is a very informal group-no fees-no membership rules-just a current mailing list of approx 95.

We have a Get-Together every six months in the form of a substantial Morning Tea and average approx 70 attendees. There are normally several short presentations on Solent Historical matters and lots of nostalgia and most importantly bonding of long term friendships.

MoTaT Management and Staff are very supportive of our Group and of course we maintain close contact with the Volunteer Team who tend to the ongoing welfare of ZK-AMO.

We expect ZK-AMO to be moved into the museum in the next few months, in the meantime, have a look at the photos below taken from Meola Rd.

We are delighted that Bill Le Couteur is initiating the Blog site and know that it will generate a lot of interest and input from Solent era Friends and enthusiasts.

The plan is to accept text and photos from members. It can also be used as a means of communicating upcoming events.


Evans Bay — Wellington's first international airport




75th Anniversary Tribute to Pan Am's China Clippers

This is a fascinating 20 minute history of the Pan Am Clippers.

A film developed for the November 22, 2010 celebration in San Francisco. Credit to Retired Pan Am Captain Tommy Carroll.

It was more than just a plane, it was a complete system that had to be designed and built across the Pacific Ocean.

Not mentioned is how this system played important roles during WWII, especially the newly created facilities on Wake Island.

Speakers on for pleasant background music and newsreel commentary.